The multiple award-winning portfolio bond

Reserve has been designed to help customers achieve their medium- to long-term investment goals and has been voted ‘Best Single Premium Bond, Middle East at the International Adviser awards in four of the last five years.

It is suitable for people who have a lump sum to invest for at least five years, particularly those seeking capital growth, the flexibility to access their savings, or a combination of these.

With Reserve, customers can invest to build up capital and, as life moves on and priorities change, use the bond’s flexibility to adapt to support new aspirations.

Customers can re-balance their portfolio whenever they need to, either by adjusting existing investments or exploring new options.

Reserve provides flexibility and tax efficiency, plus access to the world’s investment markets through a diverse range of assets.


Reserve offers access to a virtually unlimited range of investments.

Investors have a huge choice of investments that can be included within their Reserve bond, including:

Collective investments

  • UK authorised unit trusts
  • UK investment trusts
  • Open-ended investment companies
  • Overseas collective investment schemes including open‑ended investment companies, unit trusts, arrangements creating co-ownership rights, hedge funds and exchange-traded funds
  • Cash, including bank and building society deposits.

Personalised assets

  • Equities and fixed interest securities (including Sukuks) quoted on most recognised stock exchanges
  • Unit trusts
  • Open-ended investment companies
  • Investment trusts
  • Offshore reporting and non-reporting funds
  • Hedge funds, funds of hedge funds and exchange traded funds
  • Structured notes and structured deposits
  • US, Canadian and Australian mutual funds where your investments are held with a discretionary fund manager
  • Cash, including bank and building society deposits.

Quick Facts

  • Single premium
  • USD75,000 minimum investment
  • Multiple currency options
  • Access to a wide range of investments
  • Flexible, easy access
FPI Award