Premier Advance

A medium to long-term savings plan designed with choice and flexibility at its core.

Premier Advance could help your clients, whether they are saving for school fees, a new car, to support their family, fund their retirement or simply putting money aside for a rainy day.

Premier Advance provides portability and tax efficiency, plus access to some of the world’s leading fund managers. If your client is looking to save a minimum of 300 USD per month, then it may be the financial planning solution for them.

Product features Investor benefits
The plan can be held in trust and up to 4 policyholders can be named. Delivering your client estate planning and tax benefits.
Death benefit. 101% of the plan value if the last of the named lives assured dies while the plan is active.
Payment flexibility. Increase or decrease payments into the plan or take a payment holiday.
Make a lump sum payment. From just 3,000 USD – your clients can take advantage of bonus payments and salary increases.
Monthly loyalty bonus. 0.5% of the plan value each year, starting after the tenth anniversary of the plan.
Access to some of the world’s best fund managers. Our in-house experts select the best funds available, offering a wide range to meet varying investment requirements and risk appetite.
Your clients can access their money through one-off or regular withdrawals. Giving your clients flexibility.
Minimum premium. From 300 USD per month to suit a wide range of circumstances.
Can be issued  as up to 10 separate policies. Giving you the flexibility and the opportunity to make gifts of some of the policies to others.