Objective and Policy Change to the underlying fund of P74 Invesco Euro Corporate Bond

19 December 2017

Please be advised that with effect from 08 March 2018, as a result of an objective and policy change to the underlying fund into which P74 Invesco Euro Corporate Bond invests, the Fund Objective on our Factsheet shall be updated as follows:

“The Fund aims to achieve a combination of income and capital growth over the medium to long-term. The Fund seeks to achieve its objective by investing primarily (at least 70% of its net asset value of the Fund) in debt securities denominated in Euro issued by corporate issuers.  Derivatives may be used for investment purposes. Please note: the objective supplied is abbreviated by FPI. For full details please refer to the underlying fund prospectus which is available on request”

Should you have any questions regarding these changes, please contact International Funds & Investments.