Notification of changes to the underlying funds of various HSBC funds

06 April 2020

- J55 HSBC Chinese Equity
- J56 HSBC Hong Kong Equity
- L14 HSBC Russia Equity
- L15 HSBC Indian Equity

We have been notified by HSBC Global Investment Funds (the “Company”) of the following change to swing-pricing factors of the underlying funds of the above named funds. This change has come into effect from 30 March 2020 (the “Effective Date”).

Please see the below for more details of the change in swing-pricing factors, which has been taken from the Shareholder Notice of the underlying funds of the above named funds:

“We are writing to inform you about important changes to the operation of HSBC Global Investment Funds (“HSBC GIF”) which are effective immediately.

Increase of the maximum swing pricing factor disclosed in the prospectus of HSBC GIF

In the light of current exceptional market conditions created by the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, the board of directors of HSBC GIF (the “Board of Directors”) would like to inform you that it has decided to temporarily, until further notice, increase the maximum swing-pricing factor (generally set at 2%) – disclosed in section 2.9 of the prospectus of HSBC GIF – to a level permitting to act in the best interest of all shareholders.

The reason for increasing the maximum swing pricing factor

The aim of swing pricing is to protect all investors and treat investors fairly. By increasing the maximum swing pricing factors, through robust governance processes and methodologies, the swing pricing factors will align with prevailing market conditions and allow the swing pricing mechanism to better achieve its aims.”


Should you have any questions regarding these changes, please contact International Funds & Investments.