Notification of a change to the underlying funds of various Aberdeen funds

16 May 2019

Notification of a change to the underlying funds of various Aberdeen funds:

1. J96 Aberdeen Standard SICAV I Technology Equity
2. P33 Aberdeen Standard SICAV I Chinese Equity
3. P54 Aberdeen Standard SICAV I Indian Equity
4. P65 Aberdeen Standard SICAV I Asia Pacific Equity
5. R11 Aberdeen Standard SICAV I Emerging Markets Smaller Companies

We have been notified by Aberdeen Standard SICAV I (the “Company”) of the objective clarification of the underlying funds into which the above named funds invest.

This change has come into effect from 8 May 2019 (the “Effective Date”). The change is detailed below, which has been extracted from the Shareholder Circular of the underlying funds of the above named funds.

1. Restrictions with respect to the exchange (or switching) of Shares

Shareholders of the underlying funds are informed that, with effect from 2 May 2019, they will no longer be able to exchange their Shares for any Class of Share in Aberdeen Standard SICAV I – Latin American Equity Fund.

Shareholders are invited to refer to the new provisions contained under the section “Exchange (or Switching) of Shares” in the prospectus which will be updated to this effect.

2. Clarification of charges not included in the Operating, Administrative and Servicing Expenses

The prospectus will be updated to clarify that any cost related to the asset spreads and margin on the purchase or sale of portfolio assets (including the forward and spot foreign exchange transactions used for the hedging of Hedged Share Classes) is not covered by the Operating, Administrative and Servicing Expenses.

For clarity, the above change will be made for clarification purposes only and the maximum or actual level of expenses to be borne by Shareholders will remain unaffected.

3. Renaming of US Investment Manager

Shareholders are informed that the current prospectus of the Company reflects the new name of the US Investment Manager. In line with previous name changes of entities belonging to the Aberdeen Standard Investments business, Aberdeen Asset Management Inc. was rebranded as Aberdeen Standard Investments Inc. on 1 January 2019.”

Should you have any questions regarding these changes, please contact International Funds & Investments.