The more your clients invest, the more is allocated to their plan and the quicker their capital starts to work.

Zenith is a unit-linked international investment bond, designed to provide access to a wide range of funds - managed by investment specialists from around the world.

If your client needs access to their money, they can arrange for regular or one-off withdrawals. This can be up to 10% of their original payment per annum, penalty-free in the first five years – as long as they leave the minimum amount in the plan.

Zenith may be ideal if your client has a lump sum to invest for at least five years. 

Product featuresInvestor benefits
Tiered allocation.The more your client invests, the more is allocated to their plan.
Regular or one-off withdrawals.Your client can adapt the plan to their lifestyle
Death benefit.
101% of the cash-in value if the last of the named lives assured dies while the plan is active.
Tax efficiency.Funds accumulate free of tax (apart from any withholding tax on investment income, deducted at source in the country of origin).
Range of currency and payment options.So your client has the choice of making it work for them.