An international investment bond, offering a wide range of investment and administration options to suit your client.

Reserve is our tailored, tax-efficient solution and could be ideal if your client has a lump sum to invest for at least five years and is seeking capital growth, a regular income, or both.

The level of involvement your client has in the management of their investments is also up to them. And whatever level they decide, we keep the administration to a minimum.

Product featuresInvestor benefits
Two investment options.We offer two investment options 'Personalised assets' or 'Collective investments'.
Currency and charging options.

Your clients can choose their payment, currency and type of charging structure from 'Annual Policy'or 'Establishment' structures.

Reduced or no admin fee.For your clients who invest over £500,000 Sterling (GBP) or currency equivalent on the 'Annual Policy' structure there will be no admin charge from the outset.
Regular or one-off withdrawals.Your client can adapt the plan to their lifestyle.
Your client can separate their plan into up to 100 policies.Your client can split their investment into separate policies at the outset to enable efficient tax planning. For example where your clients totally encash one, or a number of individual policies it may be a more tax efficient way of taking benefits compared to partially encashing a single plan.